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Someone posted on FB on the effect of carbon dioxide from carbonated beverages on global warming.

My response was (in two comments):

> This is a closed cycle - the CO2 in carbonated water comes from the air, so fizzy drinks industry has no effect on the atmospheric concentration of CO2.
> If you stop buying fizzy drinks, the CO2 that would have been released in the atmosphere from it would not be magically sequestered. The fizzy drinks industry will adjust and produce less, and, correspondingly, take less CO2 from the atmosphere. Thus the carbon impact of your decision to drink or not to drink will be nil. If, OTOH, you will stop driving, the oil industry will pump less oil and it will remain underground. IOW, you decision to drive or not (ceteris paribus, of course), does have an impact.

This seems to me
1. obviously true and
2. clearly explained

Is it?
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